Friday, March 8, 2019

Caution Speed Bumps Ahead

Current economic news suggests that “healthy” companies should be on the alert for acquisition opportunities to gain new customers. This also serves as caution to struggling companies that the time to map out a transition from ownership may be nearing.

The intersection of long-term changing fundamentals within some segments of the graphic communications industries and short-term economic erosion of revenues and profits is where the next shake-out will take place. The only questions are “when” and “how” to navigate the climate to maximize gain or minimize loss.

Experience from the carnage of 2008, 2002, and 1990 suggests that the fork in the road between “healthy” and “unhealthy” will widen in the next downturn, as leading companies will again grow by gaining market share via distressed M&A and the treading-water companies will transition from ownership via sale of “book of business” and customer assets, non-bankruptcy managed liquidation, and orderly wind-down of assets and liabilities.